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Friday Thoughts

It’s a rainy, dreary afternoon here, and it’s been a mostly rainy week. Pretty much sums up my inner state for this week as well, if rain were tears. An extended family member died unexpectedly this week, and several other things have weighed heavy on my heart. I spent last night curled on the couch rewatching the saddest episodes on When Calls the Heart, because I just needed help to have a good cry. (It worked.)

And while I am a big proponent of feeling all the feelings, because otherwise you’re just stuffing them up inside, this week hasn’t been all bad. There is always goodness, if only we have eyes to see.

So on this gray December day, I thought I’d share some of the goodness of this week:

These recipes from The Mediterranean Dish: pita bread and falafel. Took some time, but the directions were clear and the food was delicious! Highly recommend this foodie site.

Our school is preparing a Christmas benefit for Facebook Live next Tuesday, and I got to record a song for them to include. I’m thankful for my keyboard, for Christmas songs, and for the chance to serve in that way!

My students and I chatted today about favorite Christmas foods (Ecuadorian and otherwise), and I showed them the bag of peanut brittle my grandma made sure to send with me so I had holiday goodies. As one student said, “My grandma makes the best food!” Yep. Grandmas are God’s goodness to us. And their homecookin’ too, of course.

This right here – an image of what science looks like during online school. The kids were still having (literal) light bulb moments, even though it was over Zoom. Made my teacher heart smile.

Not Pictured:

  • An opportunity to meet a miracle baby who I’ve prayed long and hard for – she was born about 3 months before her due date and is now home with her parents and doing well!
  • Conversations with my sisters and close friends
  • A taco dinner with my friends-like-family

What’s been some goodness in your week? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

P.S. Class vs. Teacher Challenge update: we have one more week in the Class vs. Teacher reading challenge, and I’m still ahead. But as long as they read the same as last week, they have me beat. (and I’m not complaining!)





Happy Weekend!

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