An Introduction to Me

Hi there! I’m Christina. Teaching littles is my jam during the workday and my idea of relaxing is reading all day under a blanket – or catching up with friends.

One of my natural habitats is my classroom. I love creating a welcoming space for my students where reading and learning is an innate part of the classroom culture. The joy and pride I experience when my students make strides in their level of understanding and demonstrate growth is something most educators can relate to. I’m always thinking about my own progress as a teacher too, and I’m constantly seeking ways to improve. When I have good resources and ideas to share, you’ll find them here!

I love being in the kitchen, whether I’m baking or cooking. It’s a form of therapy and an outlet for my creativity. It’s an expression of love and care for those who eat my food, too. My family has a hereditary sweet tooth, and I am not exempt, but I also value healthy eating. I experiment with meatless meals, adding more veggies in almost every dinner, and decreasing the sugar in some sweets. But there are also desserts that just need all the cups of sugar in order to taste right. When that’s the case . . . I throw it all in and enjoy the sweetness.

I’ve been a runner for over half my life. I’ve found some friends who love working out and running as much as I do, and we’ve run some crazy races together in the mountains of Ecuador when I lived there. I have also found some great YouTube channels that I like for indoor workouts, like PopSugar Fitness and Blogilates. Dancing is another one of my favorite workout methods and you may or may not find me occasionally dancing around my home just for the joy of it – or to get some extra steps in. Fitness is important to me because it makes me feel good and keeps me healthy! I like to share that love with others.

I come from a big family – and nothing fills my heart quite like spending time with them. Though I don’t have kids of my own, I’m an aunt biologically to four little tykes and an aunt relationally to several more. I go by “Aunt Christina” or “Tía Nina” depending on who is talking (the second is way easier to say for a toddler). Being an aunt is far and away one of my favorite roles in life. You probably won’t see the faces of the little ones in my life very much because I’m pretty picky about what I put up on the internet when it comes to kiddos. But you’ll hear about them for sure.

Even though I’m saying it last, the center of my life is Jesus. I believe He’s the creator and sustainer of all life and that it is possible to know Him personally and intimately. In fact, I can’t imagine life without my relationship with Christ. He’s my comforter in pain, my companion in laughter, and the one who loves me unconditionally, period the end. Following Him and His direction for my life is what drives me and directs me, even in the day-to-day mundane. I don’t do it perfectly, but by His grace and strength, I’m listening and obeying more closely each day. My entire perspective on life is heavily influenced by what I believe and that will be reflected in what I write – it’s an inextricable part of who I am.