I love connecting readers with books.

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I also love supporting local bookstores.

To do both, I decided to become an affiliate of Bookshop[dot]org – an ecommerce platform where readers can buy good books, and their sales support local bookstores. Note: Being an affiliate means that when you purchase through the bookshop links on my site, I’ll receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

No joke: according to their website, 75% of their profit margin goes toward local bookstores and authors!

I don’t know about you, but that seems incredible to me.

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that you could find most of these books for a cheaper price on other platforms. And I do love me some low prices!

However, I’ll also be the first to tell you that when books are sold for pretty cheap, the authors don’t make much money from a sale.

Let’s make it worth their while to keep writing great books by buying from places that truly support authors – and your local economy!

Find out more about Bookshop[dot]org and how they share their profits with bookstores here.